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The Circle
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Randall Holbrook Art & Design
The Circle, the women’s group of the Jewish Federation of Orange County, represents a vibrant community united by shared values, traditions, and a commitment to fostering positive change. The logo for The Circle encapsulates these ideals with a design that is both symbolic and meaningful. The central element of the logo is a circle, symbolizing unity, continuity, and inclusiveness. In Jewish tradition, the circle also represents eternity and the unbroken nature of community. This shape embodies the essence of The Circle, where every member is an integral part of a supportive and enduring network. The typography used in the logo is modern yet elegant, balancing tradition with contemporary appeal. The font choice conveys a sense of sophistication and approachability, ensuring that the logo resonates with a diverse audience. The Circle's logo is more than a visual identifier; it is a narrative in itself. Every element is thoughtfully chosen to reflect the group’s core principles: Inclusivity and Community - Cultural Pride - Empowerment and Connection
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